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If you want to have your way with men you must must must open yourself up to the possibilities. You also must understand that if he doesn't end up being yours, you are being protected. Whether that means he is Derrítelo de Amor truly not good for you or that somebody more amazing is on his way. A truly adored woman understands that she will have what she wants and trusts the process.If you aren't willing to ask for what you want, then know it is likely he will cast you aside in his mind Men really would like the opportunity to make you happy. You are so much fun to be around when you are happy.

You are intoxicatingly delicious when you are happy. So why not learn to ask for what you want from the beginning? Why torture him by making him figure it all out and then get pissed off at him when he doesn't. OR why would you be the woman who doesn't have her own likes, dislikes, opinions, friends, and life? Remember you are on an adventure too, he would like to be included. Women who know what they want and enjoy their lives are so freakin' hot. Especially when they include men along for the ride. So the next time he asks you what you want to do, don't you dare reply with "Whatever."

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