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Online marketing for small business requires some dedication and effort. This is a new paradigm for business who a decade ago would put an ad in the Yellow Pages and sit back for the phone to ring. Not anymore. Using your website and social media is now about generating leads and to do that takes some time. Of course effort equals reward and it is proportionate to the level you outlay. Perhaps 30 minutes a day might be all it takes if you're already established but for those just starting out it might be considerably more than that. The good news is that there are various website and software programs out there which can schedule and automate your posts and tweets for you which can be a huge time saver. 5. On and off site marketing Onsite marketing is all about using your website to generate leads and this is all about use of keywords to achieve SEO. 

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This can be done by researching high demand low supply keywords relevant to your business, using images to boost traffic, and using blogs so keywords get added by people posting. Off site marketing is everything that you are using off your website to market your business. This would be Facebook optimisation, email marketing, using Twitter to generate leads, online article writing and so on. Online marketing is now essential for any small business. It is best to get things right from the start however it is never too late to tweak here and there and get an effective online marketing strategy going at any time. There are loads more secrets to online marketing that any business can take advantage.


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