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Survivors of brain trauma are often left with long-term damage to their ability to think and to learn, to remember and plan, and they may suffer permanent loss of body movement. Family members can be drained trying to look after a loved one who has suffered brain trauma, and Organic Health Protocol savings can be wiped out.It probably won't surprise you to learn that the leading cause of such devastating brain injury is automobile accidents. Other leading causes of serious head injury include falls in the home, sports injuries and diving accidents. In the United States, gunshot wounds are another frequent cause of long-term brain injury.The tragedy of brain damage caused by accident is made worse because many of these accidents were preventable in the first place. 

We don't like to think about accidents, and when we do, we tend to think, "It won't happen to me".Your brain is an incredibly fragile organ. That's why it's protected by being inside your bony skull. But no matter how thick your skull is, it can't protect you from all the blows you may encounter.If you are inside a moving car for example, and you come to a sudden stop, your brain is still moving forward in the few seconds it takes you to come to a complete halt.The jarring impact can rip apart the delicate connections between one brain cell and another that are required for the transmission of communication within your brain.And the swelling of brain tissue after an accident can kill many brain cells, causing widespread damage from which it may be very difficult to recover.


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