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She works a lot of hours, and does her best to spend quality time with her two teenagers. But she was also spending a lot of time stressing - and I mean stressing - about how clean her house was (or wasn't). She was reluctant to delegate house cleaning to a professional cleaning person or to her kids because she thought it would take too much time to explain how she likes it all done. 0-6 Pack Abs Review This is perfectionism - she's not willing to let go of a task and let someone run with it. This client felt that if the house wasn't cleaned her way, it wouldn't be cleaned right. In order for her to delegate this, she had to trust in a professional cleaning service, and in her kids, and just let go of the responsibility altogether.As a result, this client has found that her relationship with her kids has improved.

If your working environment is not ADD-friendly, then you may find yourself feeling chronically disorganized and stressed out at work. Whether or not you choose to share your diagnosis with your employer, the following strategies can help you become more effective at work.People with ADD have the most success when doing something that they are passionately interested in. If you are in a career or a job that you're not passionate about, chances are your ADD challenges will manifest themselves. The best way to avoid this is to find work that you truly enjoy and believe in.It's no secret that ADDers work well with structure. If your job lacks structure, create some!If you're self-employed, set up a schedule for yourself.

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