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James 2:20 When faith is activated by good works it comes alive. Good works alone is dead. This is one of the most dangerous concepts that people are apt to believe. On a street survey, when people were asked if they will go to heaven, most answered with a whole-hearted 'yes'. Their reasoning is because they are a "good person". It's time to spread the truth of the gospel. An example to the faith and works is Abraham. ED Reverser When God ordered him to sacrifice Isaac, he was prepared to do it, no questions asked. This action of faith was working and perfected his faith."You see that faith was working with his works, and as a result of the works, faith was perfected." James 2:22 This act of faith resulted in bringing it into its fullness. 

Faith will not reach its perfection until it demonstrates itself in a righteous life. Therefore, anyone can do acts of good deeds, but unless they are living a righteous life to please God, it is a sin and sin will separate us from the love of Christ and any hope of ever reaching heaven. Think about that for a minute. Now ask yourself, "Am I going to heaven?" Through faith, we are justified and will find peace with God through Christ. Just what does this mean? We must believe that Christ died for our sins. Not only was Christ just, but He was the only One Who could justify us before God. His sacrifice was the only thing God would accept. There is nothing any of us can offer God in exchange for eternal life except our faith in what His Son did for us upon that Cross.

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