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A neurologist is a physician who deals with conditions that are associated with the nerves and the nervous system. This kind of doctor has received specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that relate to the brain, muscles, peripheral Red Smoothie Detox Factor nerves and the spinal cord. The majority of the time, a primary care physician will refer a patient to this kind of specialist if they are exhibiting symptoms that point to a neurological problem.Some of the most common diseases that are managed by a neurologist include stroke, neurological trauma, tumors and infections of the nervous system, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and other types of autoimmune diseases.

This doctor also treats patients who suffer from peripheral nerve diseases, dementia and neuromuscular diseases. A doctor may also send a patient for a consultation to this type of physician as a result of headaches, sleep disorders and movement disorders.A family doctor may not be certain after examining a patient if they are showing the signs of having a neurological problem or if there is something else wrong with their health. There are some symptoms a practitioner will recognize as being a good reason to refer a patient to a neurologist.

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