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A contemporary funeral can include EZ Battery Reconditioning Review cremation and green burials. They also can refer to a traditional funeral that incorporates customs and ceremonies of different cultures. There are many reasons families opt for a contemporary funeral. Some can't afford the high cost of traditional funerals. Most wish for a way to honor their loved one in a more meaningful way. Additionally, more people planning their own funerals now. They are opting for contemporary funerals so that they can end their life with an exclamation mark, not a period. While it may take more time and energy to plan a contemporary funeral, planning a non-traditional funeral that celebrates a love one's life creates a personalized and positive experience for all that attend. 

There are no rules or really any structured guidelines for a contemporary funeral. Therefore, it can be as simple or elaborate as the family wishes. Because client families and friends of the deceased are choosing funeral and memorial services that are more reflective of the person and honor the person for who they were in life, it is important that funeral professionals have the tools to assist them. Funeral software has evolved to enhance client families personalization levels in some ways the family never dreamed possible.

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