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If you spend most of your time trying to live seems crude, and remember that your ancestors could do it. How so? Report. Each situation is tricky to get through the worst of the descendants of people a lot of confidence: this is where the good news has arrived. You repeated these Surviving The Final Bubble qualities, but they are there, and has been since you were born. Do not be afraid of you because you are already capable than you can imagine. When the time comes, what do you thing, focused, strong, you could be taking advantage of the survivors. If you prepare yourself ahead of time, but it should be much easier. Soon start training your mind, it will respond well when the time comes. 

Here are a few things you can do: We accept that life will be difficult. In your area in the slums, imagine what life may have long-term situation. Sick and hungry people, rioters and looters and pain and suffering can be. Your life upside down, and you have to face it. However, this acceptance is a difference between going for it. You have a Choose a positive attitude. At no time in the presence of your waking, you can choose what you think about it. If your thoughts become despondent, you can stop them in their tracks have the ability to turn your mind is somewhere else. If negative thoughts come back, do the same.

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