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There are individuals who prefer to change simple MA into exponential MA, etc. (they consider this to be the means of optimization this index). J. Murphy struck such "admirers" the heaviest Forex Libra Code Review blow. In "Technical analysis of future markets" (Part 9), he quoted a certain statistics. These data were initially submitted in the paper "Computers will help you in the game at future markets" by Hockhaimer in YB "Commodities", 1978. There the analysis is given to effectiveness of different ??? (TA) in the period 1970-1976 at various future markets. The conclusion is the following. The simple MA is the most effective. Ch. Lebo and D. Lucas arrived at the analogous conclusion. These authors admit that there is a seeming (apparent) refinement of weighted- and exponential MA. However, in practice, every test observed or carried out by them indicates decided superiority of simple MA to all others from the viewpoint of gaining profit. According to Ch. Lebo and D. Lucas, the application of exponential MA, as a rule, results in "jerking", too costly for traders.

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