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Building muscle is better accomplished when there is a well-balanced muscle building diet to accompany weight training and exercise. It's hard to build muscle without providing your body with the proper VFX Weight Loss System nutrients to keep it healthy. Intense exercise and heavy weight training actually tear down muscles. But this is actually part of the muscle building process. Once the muscles have been torn down, they then rebuild themselves, bigger and stronger; but they require a muscle building diet in order to be effective at repairing themselves.

For a good muscle base, which is necessary for being able to accumulate larger amounts of muscle mass, you need to make sure you are getting the right amount of calories. For instance, a person who weighs 160 pounds should be consuming around 3000 calories when building muscle. This is the amount of calories needed for a person who is weight training and engaging in other forms of exercise, such as cardio training. Calorie intake is much less for someone who is not trying to build up muscle mass. There are plenty of online calorie calculators available to help in determining the right amount of calories based upon body type and level of activity. Using one of these sites, determine how many calories you will need daily and structure your diet plan around this. 


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