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Fortunately, patellar tendon ruptures are not all that common. But when they do happen, it can be debilitating. The injury usually happens in jumping athletes where there are high loads on the tendon as the athlete lands, such as the case with Leevan  The Beta Switch Sands. The injury can also occur in basketball players, due to the repetitive impact on the knee. From a functional and anatomical perspective, the patellar tendon is part of a system that straightens the knee.The quadriceps muscle at the front of the thigh attaches to the kneecap (patella), which glides down and up as the knee bends and straightens. The patellar tendon then attaches the kneecap to the shin (tibia). When an athlete lands following a jump, the patellar tendon is quickly loaded with a force several times his body weight.

The force can be so great that it exceeds the tensile strength of the tendon, causing it to break. This is a painful condition that often requires surgical repair in order to return the knee to a fully functioning status.Types of injury Complete Tear: Also called a patellar tendon rupture. This is where the patellar tendon is torn throughout, breaking it into two pieces. The injured athlete will not be able to straighten the knee due to the broken connection between the kneecap and shin. Treatment for this injury is almost always surgical repair. In surgery, an orthopedic surgeon will suture the broken tendon back together. The patient will then be placed in a brace for several weeks before starting physical therapy.

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