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Compound and Isolation and Functional Exercises. Eat Stop Eat Since you are training for a balanced and healthy body, and you want to tone up, lose weight and get fit, it is necessary to incorporate functional exercises into your training regime. The term 'functional exercises' is a greatly misused description of exercise, and many personal trainers rave about their functional exercise sessions when in fact every exercise serves a function. 

Whether that function is to burn calories, sports performance, or to improve your ability to lift a dumbbell whilst balancing on a wobble board is a question you should ask yourself. When I describe an exercise as functional what I mean in the case of training for weight loss and muscle gain is that it is effective in just that - burning calories and creating enough stress to elicit a growth response and fitness, fat-loss, and toning.

This brings me on to the use of compound and isolated resistance exercises as a means of bringing on improved fitness and body composition. A compound exercise describes a movement about 2 or more joints such as a squat, lunge or press up. An isolation exercise 'isolates' muscle fibers, involving motion about only one joint.


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