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Anabolic Running Review 

The real reason that people don't breathe this way to start with is usually because they're angry at something or plainly frustrated. These emotions will lead to shallow breaths, and will work against what you're trying to accomplish. When you calm down, you take longer, deeper breaths. All that to say: you need to get into the habit of breathing deeply in order to grow taller naturally. You should practice inhaling through your nostrils gently, taking about 5 or 6 seconds a breath. The aim is to focus filling your stomach with the breathing versus your chest. When you've finished inhaling for a good five seconds, your next step is to hold it for an additional five to ten seconds.

This is the part you get to just relax those muscles, stretching the spinal column, keeping it loose and limber so it can elongate. Last, you want to finish your breathing exercise by expelling the air very slowly to a count of five or six seconds. The main thing to keep in mind as you do this is not to relax your abdominal muscles. This will ensure you're stretching your spinal column. That's how you can grow taller naturally by using the deep breathing exercises. Don't expect your spine to thank you with an additional six inches, but you really can add a couple inches to your stature. 


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