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I wanted to let you know that our book many years in the making should be ready for release (FINALLY) in NOVEMBER it is authored by me and Robert Eme Ph.D. and will be titled ADHD and the Criminal Justice System-"Spinning out of control. The book is designed for the police, jails, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation, prisons, Panic Away halfway houses and parole officials. To learn more and get updates click here.Robert Eme's e-mail is and maintaining a job are common problems for many with ADHD. Many of these problems relate to the tendency of people with ADHD to be night owls. They have difficulty getting to sleep at night and when they finally do go to sleep have difficulty waking up in the morning. 

This can cause them problems at work with being late on a regular basis and conflicts with employers. Another common problem is the tendency to speak our minds without hesitation. In the heat of a dispute with our boss we might fail to hold our tongue and blurt out whatever might be on our mind at that moment. Needless to say what comes out of our mouth at that moment can have serious consequences on maintaining employment.Some of us take jobs that offer very little variety or stimulation which can be a recipe for disaster. ADHD people normally do not perform well on assembly line type work and are restless about really enjoying our work. Job satisfaction is very important to anyone who works.

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