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Survival Hardware Two basic requirements needed to survive are the ability to cut things and the skills and tools to make a fire. In other words, you will need a good, sturdy knife, some waterproof matches, a lighter and even a fire-starter steel/flint kit. Your personal kit should contain these items plus a good first-aid kit (should also contain: suture set & antibiotic cream). The personal kit is sometimes referred to as a bug-out bag. The internet has many available free lists of suggested items for this purpose. A Google of "bug-out bag" will result in thousands of search results. Here is an example of just a few such items: "Fishing kit (a 35mm film canister); bobbin wrapped with 20lb. test fishing line, 5 bobbers, 9 weights, 6 swivels, 40 hooks, 2 fly lures. A pouch holds the fishing and first aid kits listed above, plus: plastic survival cards, Swiss Army knife, sharpening stone, liquid filled compass, roll of waxed cord (dental floss), roll of 20lb.  

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