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This was due to Google's desire to produce the best possible results for their users. Apparently, when some accounts hit around $100 per day, the sites associated with those accounts were visited by Google engineers, and if their impression was that the site did not offer real valuable information, then they took action. Internet marketing is a highly important industry in today's highly wired world. 

As more and more people are finding themselves a home online, more and more companies are jumping on the Internet bandwagon and reaching out to these people, hoping to make them part of their widening market. As more and more companies are finding their own homes online, even more companies are joining in the craze, and are competing with both novice companies and old industry leaders in increasing the range of their markets, not to mention the sizes of their profits.

 Internet marketing, therefore, requires mettle: an Internet marketer needs to know the needs and pulse of the Internet market, and should know what techniques and strategies to employ in order to earn the most profit for the least financial and time input. The best Internet marketers will be well versed in the effectiveness of various techniques, such as the use of search engine optimized articles or banner ads, and how these techniques can make or break companies.

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