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Wine For Weight Loss is the place you want to go if you have a budget in mind. They offer some great prices. They only carry high quality merchandise. You may not be impressed with the appearances of the product, but they are noted for sounding a lot better than their looks. They have models such as the Improbability Drive. This is a very impressive analogue noise generator. Here you will also find the Binary Zone. This is a dedicated CV/Gate logic module. If you want something that is going to enhance your décor then visit They carry a whole range of analogue systems with a wide range of modules. You have a good choice of what you want to buy. This of course depends on your budget. All modules can be purchased separately. They have the RS-Integrator product range. These include pre-built systems. If you decide you want to be really extravagant then go for one of their spectacular digital delay/sampler and vocal/phase filter bank. If you are looking for an in-built keyboard then you may want to check out their Sorcerer controller keyboard. You will have the option to fill in with the synth modules of your choice.

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