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Organifi Green Juice Review

Think of it this way, all the blender does is grind up the plant fiber, which simply saves your teeth some work. Your body will still need to expend the same amount of energy to extract the necessary nutrients.These days a good juicer does not need to be very expensive. You can purchase a good quality juicer at your local home goods store or online. First and foremost, a good quality juicer should always have a separate, external container to collect the fiber. It should have a fine mesh strainer within the body of the juicer that can be removed easily for cleaning. Definitely look for one with a wide-mouthed chute! If it looks like you can insert your fist into the chute, then you will be able to insert a whole medium apple. Remember, the smaller the opening on the chute, the more cutting you'll have to do before you can even start juicing. Lastly, you should buy a 2 Cup clear measuring cup to use to collect the juice. It is an easy way to keep track of your serving sizes and allows you to divide up juice made for two people. A true fast does not include any food or liquid other than pure water. But the experience of the European health spas has shown that drinking only vegetable or fruit juices during a fast greatly increases the cleansing or detoxification capacity of the body. The juices supply nutrients that help speed up the elimination of the wastes and the rebuilding of tissues. So you can detox your body faster using juices.It is often argued that any form of fasting releases dangerous chemicals that have been stored safely in the fat layers which can cause acute symptoms as they are released. Experts have stated that the rich nutrient content of raw fresh juices help neutralize and more efficiently expel the poisons making it far safer than water fasting.Fasting allows the digestive system to rest so the spare energy can be used in the cells to get rid of wastes. The body metabolises its own tissues to provide the energy normally derived from solid food but it will only burn the diseased, weak cells or damaged cells. In this way periodic 7 - 10 day fasts can help restore health. Anything longer should be supervised by a doctor or other practitioner experienced with detox and juice fasting.


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