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Bladder cancer survival rates refer to the percentage of people who were reported still living after being diagnosed with the cancer about 5 yrs ago. The Lost Ways Review  Now before getting to the rates of survival, let's get to know this type of cancer a little bit more. The cancer that occurs in the tissues of the urinary bladder is known as bladder cancer. Generally, the cancer usually begins in cells and formulates in the lining of the bladder. Some other types start in thin, flat cells such as squamous cell carcinoma. This type is extended to the bladder then leads to the seemingly endless sufferings with symptoms such as irritation, redness and swelling. 

The other type is called adenocarcinoma which leads to the secretion of mucus and other bodily fluids. Cancer of the bladder occurs when cells grow wildly and form tumors that affect not just the primary part but also spreads to different tissues and other body parts. At the first stage, 25% of patients normally have no symptoms. Usually the first sign of bladder tumors is blood in the urine, pain after urination, frequent urination and dribbling. However, these signs and symptoms are not specific to this type of cancer, and can also be caused by noncancerous conditions, such as prostate infections and cystitis

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