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We all know that when we start 11 Day Diabetes Fix
 down a path to regaining our health, that the path is riddled with detours and it is easy to get off track. So to stay on track I recommend some sort of tracking system. I know that recording your stats seems like a tedious thing to do but, if you do not know where you have been how do you know where you are going? In the past I have used a simple spreadsheet for recording my daily weight, workout routine, and all the meals and calories that were consumed. In addition I added charts that utilized the data that was input into the sheets to use as a visual aid to make sure that I am trending in the direction of my health and fitness goals. You can do this even if you do not have a computer or do not know how to make a spreadsheet. Simply use a notebook and some graph paper. It is amazing how a simple graph can reveal habits that otherwise would have remained undetected. For instance, I found that without fail I would eat healthy meals in my target calorie allotment for 7-10 days and then I would binge and consume enough calories for 2 days in one sitting. After discovering this trend it was easily corrected by increasing my daily calorie intake just a little bit, so I did not feel the need to "pig out" once a week. The next health and fitness tip is to set realistic goals and to put them in writing. I think that it is very important to put into writing what you would like to accomplish. You should write down your goal in your own handwriting and post it in at least 3 different places so that you will see it throughout your day. This serves as a gentle reminder and will help aid as a deterrent for neglecting your plan. When stating your goal start out with a short timeline, attain that goal and write out the next one for a lengthier period. Your goal should be measurable and attainable. This is when you 
 need to be honest with yourself and set realistic goals but be careful not to be too easy on yourself.   

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