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It reminds me of that gentleman who went into the hamburger place in Las Vegas which advertises its famous "Heart Attack Burger" and recently it was in the news that someone ordered one of those burgers and actually had a real heart attack while eating it. People who were around them thought it was a publicity stunt, but the person was rushed to the emergency, and treated, and luckily survived, but it was real. I guess he can't sue, I mean the advertising warned him in advance, and he choose to tempt fate. Anyway, I have to tell you about this recent Frappachino that someone ordered; "A Venti Frappachino skinny caramel macchiato, with extra java chips, and toffee nut syrup, with drizzle on top." Why this caught my ear was that the gal who ordered it was about 450 pounds, severely overweight, and very obese. When they called out the order they emphasized skinny, and then the girl stood up from the table she was sitting at and walked over to the bar to go get it. Well, if that gal is trying to lose weight by ordering something with the word "skinny" in it, I'm pretty certain that's not going to work.

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