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Food for Freedom Review When one is stranded in the wilderness, lost or otherwise away from home, it is good to be prepared. The reason why many people have chosen to purchase a survival knife is for the convenience, whether it is used to open packaging in everyday situations, or as often intended - as a safeguard against starvation, in case you are stranded in a remote location without food. A best survival knife has many important features that make it perfect for such situations. Its size, the quality of the blade, and the simple design make it essential for traveler, knife enthusiast, camper, hiker and many other types of persons. Size This type of blade tends to be small enough to fit in a back pocket, on a belt, in a backpack. Its size is important as there is no telling what the survival situation may be, and carrying a larger knife would slow down the survivor, cause injury or otherwise disadvantage him or her in the wild. Quality and type of blade A survivor blade is not double edged. Having a double edged knife as a survivor knife will lead to serious injury, especially when hiking or traveling across changing terrains and elevations. The weight is key, as well as the bulk. Minimal handles on the survivor knife will serve to make cleaning and using it in a survivor situation much safer, and more efficient.

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