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Another sign that shows that people are interested is through questions. If you find that they are asking you a lot of questions, it is usually a good sign that indicates that they might be interested in you. In this case, you will be able to show them who you are and tell them about yourself. If you do not ask questions in return, they might not think you are interested, so be sure to respond with thoughtful answers and also to ask some questions of your own, as inquiries are a great and sure fire way of expressing interest in someone.

Sometimes, though, it is hard to tell if they just want to be friends or if they are interested in a more romantic way. Signs that point to the former include casual conversation, some get to know you questions, and also just some good joking and talking and sharing. But, signs that show that the person might want something more could include casual flirting, some kind of personal divulgences, some real opening up and exchanges of secrets and other information. 

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