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The internet enables anyone to write something and publish it online, and no doubt many aspiring authors get a thrill out of seeing their work presented this way, and rightly so. But, it's a hard fact that because anyone can publish online without any effective editorial processes, the quality and standard of writing is somewhat lacking, with spelling errors, misuse or lack of punctuation and poor grammar being the most common faults. Many of these errors could be eliminated if authors bothered to check their work before letting it loose on readers. Obviously, no-one is infallible, and mistakes will occasionally slip past even the keenest pair of eyes, but if only half of those mistakes are spotted and removed, the standard of the work is significantly increased. Obviously, some of the more prolific authors are writing multiple articles as part of their marketing strategy, but numbers alone won't gain them credibility if their articles are just thrown together for the sake of speed. Writing is a skill, and like all skills has to be learnt and honed. Even the most talented and best known authors need to take time and care over their writing regardless of how long they have been a writer or how many books they've had published; mistakes still happen - that's why editors and proofreaders exist!

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