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For: listening to audio programs. Ask education programs at a time. Play in your car, and even asked him on the phone to your ear. Instead of immersion in music all the time, you can hear the most useful products. We have a year of music, a "chewing gum is actually what we call. The Four Percent University of learning, such as changing the time of your retirement.You go to university is a big difference between a small point, and people who have graduated from universities, while approximately 90-95% of what you learn is not practical to find out is to take place. It is fun, but more importantly, it did not matter, it's true, it's theoretical. You can start and stop at any time that you want sales, time management, communication and goal setting exercises to choose audio. 

You can choose only one set of things that are valuable to you. The main point here, you learn to invest, and the second thing is to always plan your activities ahead of time. By doing so, the first day, then by 20-30%, increase productivity, and set it up for you, if you are not the most important work to focus on, you can last 50 to simply the process with a focus on reading, and the priorities set by the% of production by increasing the importance , productivity and performance, with a 100% rise in the year. Then, if you listen to audio programs, etc. This strategy alone 1000% in ten years and that the most effective and that their witness.

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