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The problem that comes up with hurricane preparedness, tornados, tsunamis and other disasters... is that you don't have anything to carry your stuff in. A survival kit is made to carry just a few items. But in this case you'll want days worth of supplies. You require something to carry communications, clothing, food fire starting gear, lightweight shelter and a few more essentials. How are you going to do it? With a Bug Out Bag. Lean Belly Breakthrough Review With your bug out bag, you'll have everything to "bug out" of your home or area. The BugOut Bag has become the standard by which all disaster preparedness preppers build their survival plan around. Survival kits are your primary long-term essentials kit. 

You would take one of these in the event that your "excursion" was prolonged. A bug out bag is more of an immediate sustenance kit for emergency preparedness. It would include the essentials that would carry you over a 72 hour period for immediate survival. 

The bug out bag was designed to contain food, medications, water among other things. Consider this scenario: Cindy hears the tornado siren wailing. She knows that she's got to leave quickly, but she is unperturbed because she is prepared. She has her bug out kit to get her through the immediate danger. Will you be prepared? http://theleanbellybreakthroughreview.com/

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