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If your boyfriend is into console box games, such as Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation, then you can treat him to a day of participating in the playing games against each other. This is an awesome idea for some indoor fun on a rainy day. And if you like, you can even invite friends to join in the fun. Visiting a zoo is another great way to unwind and do something as a couple. Taking a long stroll and absorbing the beauty and secrets of the animal kingdom is an experience like no other. Make sure to pick a well-kept and well-organized zoo, as some could have the opposite effect on you, for example if the animals are caged and they are just depressed looking. Or why not take a cook book and try something new. Choose complex food where you can laugh and help each other and perhaps create a whole new recipe together by adding and changing different ingredients. And then of course enjoy the meal together afterwards. Besides that, you could just take long walks together, alone or with your dog. Or just relax by a swimming pool and talk while enjoying a cocktail. Or simply read a book to each other or a magazine, taking turns and discussing it after.

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