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The majority of my fluid intake comes from either water, green tea, or my morning cup of Joe. Organifi Green Juice Review Oh, and I can't resist an occasional glass of organic whole milk with a cookie or cornbread muffin... So delicious. I also have 2 little ones in the house so I do occasionally buy juice, particularly when they are sick with a cold and don't feel like eating or drinking. Juice is not an everyday thing for them though. 

 So, if I'm not buying 100% juice then what do I buy? Usually it is a fruit and vegetable juice blend that is diluted with water. Occasionally I buy a diluted fruit juice blend. The point here is that often times people shop for 100% juice when the healthiest versions of juices aren't labeled as so, even though they are simply 100% juice with added water. Keep in mind I am not promoting daily juice intake, as that may contribute to weight gain and/or make it more difficult to lose weight. But am a believer that there is a time and a place for anything in our diets.

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