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A good exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor zynev muscles is as follows: By during urination, the radius to interrupt several times, you feel for whatever muscles involved. To strengthen the muscles, they can always contract and relax again during the day. This exercise should be repeated each time tenfold. If you are doing this several times a day (five to ten times), you can see a performance improvement after six to eight weeks. Even after the disappearance of the symptoms, it is wise to continue with the exercises. For pregnant women, it is recommended to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy though some. During pregnancy gymnastics can be above all given exercises. The nagym (some lessons after pregnancy) is usually paid extra attention to this.body and cause an infection. This research has discovered a novel group of compounds with antibacterial properties against E. coli bacteria. This means that cranberries contain multiple unique fabrics that support health. 


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