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Blood Pressure Protocol

Were they produced naturally or did they have to undergo chemical processes? Are they really clean? Eat clean and healthy food and you would most likely end up with a clean and healthy body. The place we dwell at should also be clean. These include not only our homes but as well as the places we work at. In reality, we spend more time at work than in our homes so having a clean office is also necessary. As home makers we should not compromise the healthy and being of our household members. Companies on the other hand should also be responsible in creating and providing a healthy environment to their employees. The food we eat and the environment we live in are truly two of the most basic aspects we should pay attention with to obtain a clean, healthy and long life. Above all BE POSITIVE. Focus on what you have achieved, not matter how small it seems. Remember how you felt eating unhealthy food, and how you have a little more energy now. Tell yourself that you are worth the effort, and your family needs you to keep living healthy. Think of the things that living healthy will allow you to do. You can be more active, live more life, live a longer life, spend your future time and money on fun stuff! And, it may seem cheesy, but talk to yourself. If you ever watch highly successful athletes, you can see them getting themselves ready for the competition. They tell themselves they can do it, and beat their chests. Yell, cheer, jump around. This is a fight worth fighting, get excited and stay MOTIVATED!!

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