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Binary Brain Trust

 In every binary trade, there are almost three basic factors that each and every trader needs to emphasize upon and it includes the underlying asset, time of expiry of the trade and the price shift of the asset. The trader has the choice of selecting the right and profitable underlying asset like forex, indices, commodities, assets and other. The expiry date is the time at which the trade gets expired and it can be a minute, an hour, day or year. 

The next factor is the movement of the price of the asset that can occur in two directions i.e. upward and downward on the basis of which put and call options are selected. In a trade, if an investor speculates the price shift in the upward direction, then he will select the call option and on the other hand, if the price move determined by the trader is downward, then the put options will be selected. Binary option is a new trading method in which the payment is done using two methods- either via a fixed asset or directly using cash. 


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