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The Cobalt Code Review 

While there are more in-depth explanations of the XOWii compensation plan in other XOWii reviews as well as XOWii's corporate website, let's take a quick look at how you get paid. There are 10 different levels of compensation ranging from retail commissions, fast track bonuses, team bonuses, cars, and executive leadership pools. Pretty much the standard array. Let's focus on the basics and the quickest way to earn. Your first two enrollees will net you $30 each according to the XOWii compensation plan guidelines. Once you teach your first two to reach their first two, you earn a matching fast track bonus of $20 for each of their reps. 

So, $20 times four will net you an additional $80. You also earn a Business Builder bonus of $50 at this stage for each completed cycle. That means an additional $100 in your pocket. So far, we have netted a total of $240 in commissions and bonuses two levels down. Once your personally-enrolled reps teach their personally-enrolled reps to reach two reps of their own, you complete your pod and receive a $140 team bonus. 

This puts your total earnings at $380. All you have to do is rinse and repeat many times over. The good news is that as this process repeats itself down the line on its own, you will start to earn significant team bonuses that will amount to long-term residual income. Becoming a XOWii independent distributor is fairly easy. Enrollment is only $39.95. You can then choose to purchase a starter pack or kit so you can share the product with others and generate buzz. You will also need to put in place your auto-ship in order to qualify for commissions. Once you have these elements in place, all you have to do is start building pods. 


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