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Rebuild Hair Program

So what's fact and what's fiction? This article will examine myths and facts surrounding vitamin C dosing. Dr. Thomas Levy, a physician who has researched the use of Vitamin C for medicinal purpose, writes in his book Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins, that ascorbic acid is "one of the safest and least toxic therapies that can be administered to a patient on a regular basis." Another physician notes that over 20,000 patients treated with the super vitamin experienced a "remarkable lack of systemic difficulties" other than a few mild side effects when they received intravenous doses ranging from 4,000 to over 200,000 mg in a day including acid stomach or a mild rash. So, the science is pointing to safety in vitamin C therapy, but we've just scratched the surface of the myths. Let's look at a few common ones and their rebuttals to see the real reason behind ascorbic acid therapy. What if I told you that you that the key to losing the weight you want, gaining the muscle mass you want, living a more successful life is right in your very front pocket? You probably would snicker or laugh at me, right? Well, it may not be in your pocket, but it's certainly in a convenient place that you have the power to possess.

All you have to do is simply reach for it. The key to your success is your attitude. Your attitude has the enormous potential to unlock and open doors in your life and in those around you. Without sounding too cliché, consider all the achievements and accomplishments you have reached in your own life. If you really stop to think about all the great things that you have personally accomplished - all of the triumphs you have achieved, you will see this more clearly: Your perseverance and your passion for those things that you have accomplished stemmed from your attitude. Am I right? How could you achieve all the important victories in your life without a positive attitude? I don't think it can be done. And here is the secret: To do meaningful things in our life, we have to let go of the un-meaningful. Sounds simple, right? It is actually a lot hard than it sounds. We have to acknowledge that our attitude and perspective play a big role in our ability to achieve our dreams. Just like anything else, you need to have the right attitude to push us through the valleys - the times where we want to give up, where we think that the journey is too long and where there is seemingly very little hope left to change your path.

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