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El Reductor de Grasa

Avoid constant moisture if you are serious about curing nail fungus. If you have sweaty feet, use foot powder. You can also wear absorbent socks made of 100% pure materials like cotton. Closed or nonporous and synthetic materials shoes should also be avoided at all costs. When using communal showers, swimming pools, spas and showers, wear flops or sandals. Don't go barefoot in these public areas. You should choose your nail salons carefully. When having a manicure or pedicure in a salon, you should make sure that they sterilize these instruments. Don't lend or borrow emery boards, nail clippers or nail files and etc. Recommend Diet You might find in strange, but diet can help in curing nail fungus. People with nail fungus should try and take in more probiotics (good bacteria) such as yogurt and kefir. Good bacteria will help your body to eliminate the fungus. Olive leaf extract is also a very good internal antifungal agent. Cut down on refined carbs and were possible, reduce your intake of sugar, white bread, wine, beer, vinegar, berries, dried fruits and mushrooms.  

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