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The Lost Ways 

'Survival of the fittest' is a oft- misrepresented statement of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. It is not the strongest nor the fittest that will survive it is the most adaptable to change. Change is the one constant in our life. Life is always changing, in every moment comes change. It's how we deal with this change that determines our future. It is easy to survive and thrive when you are present in each moment. 

There really is no change then, just the constant flow of what is and the adaptation to it. People become so rigid in their thoughts and habits and are so resistant to change. These rules they set up can only lead towards unhappiness. Life can't be compartmentalized and ordered to run in a certain way. It is a force that is constantly in motion and with motion comes change.What happens to you when life doesn't follow your course and your rules don't work? What do you do as a result: Fall apart, fall into depression, drugs, alcohol, or suicide?

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