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Capture His Heart Review

Plan Dates Together Consistently. Far too often couples get caught up in the challenges and movement of life and start to neglect an important aspect of the relationship, which is spending time together. Every couple needs consistent time together. It should not be limited to just taking a vacation. It simply means spending quality time reconnecting as often as possible. Planning dates together shows that you care about your partner and his or her needs, as well as your own. Spending consistent time together will keep your relationship fresh and ensure your commitment to one another. 

Dating should be purposeful in order to get the most out of it. The seven key strategies to consider in dating are mentioned above and will help couples to focus on what is and is not important to the health of the relationship. And, the strategies may also help couples to identify possible issues that can occur upfront. Keep in mind no relationship is perfect. Couples can always make their relationship better with thoughtful planning, caring, communicating, and committing. Therefore, dating with a purpose can better prepare couples for a healthy relationship and marriage. References Setrakian.


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