Wewa Gaja Priya
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There is something to be said for being able to laugh. If you can laugh, whatever the trouble is, it probably isn't really that bad. You know you can handle anything at this point. You will survive and realize that it was not the end of your world, just the end of a relationship that had been bad for a long time. If you have given yourself plenty of time (minimum six months) to get your world put back together then consider dating again. 

The next time you find someone you would like to get to know better, take it slow. What the heck, even play hard to get. You are stronger now and know more about what you need and want in a new relationship. Do not give up on love, love is the most beautiful thing to be in, in the whole world. Just take your time getting into a new relationship. Talk to whoever you are considering dating and let them know that your previous relationship ended badly and you are going to do whatever it takes to not let yourself get hurt again and avoid another bad break up. 

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