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Diabetes Destroyer

The human body is a highly efficient machine. Food, as its crude fuel, is digested for energy and growth. Our system refines the food we eat by breaking it down into glucose to be used by our cells to live. However, glucose can only enter our cells with the assistance of insulin. This whole process is part of what we call metabolism and this is screwed up when we have diabetes. With the statement above, diabetes is considered as a metabolism disorder. 

It is a current global epidemic that can be actually avoided but our current lifestyle and eating habits have made preventing the disease a difficult one. In the United States alone, about 24 million people have diabetes and only 18 million of that figure have been diagnosed.

Diabetics are deprived of sugar because their cells have poor glucose absorption. Since glucose is left unused by our cells, it builds up in the blood causing high blood sugar levels. Eventually it ends up in urine making it sweet. Diabetes Mellitus translates in 'honey urine' or 'sweet urine' which aptly describes the diabetic's liquid waste. A person with diabetes urinates with high sugar content. This is why you might notice that ants are attracted to it. 


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