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When you encounter endless stories of scam experiences of one sort or another, in the Internet Marketing field, it makes you wonder whether the whole business of doing online marketing is a viable one. There are so many cases of shoddy practices relating to blogs, public forums, social media and community sites that many online marketers get a bad name from the media TecAdemics several famous online marketers actually saying to their own customers that they prefer telling them they engage in the porn business online or the smut of the month club type of membership, rather than coming out straight: 

"I am a marketer doing online business"... just because they think people at large don't understand what it actually is "doing business online" or for the bad perception that the actual occupation may have. While the views above are rather extreme and exaggerated, I admit, the fact remains that there are lots of people out there being scammed daily, simply because certain prudent things that one can do prior to purchasing any program offered, are not done before hand. You could say that most of us enthusiastic marketers have fallen one time or another for some of these gimmick tactics.

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