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I have had many years of experience and education when it comes to training the human body. The one thing that I have to remind people of is that our bodies are basically nature's best built machine. This machine that we refer to as our body is very complex, but I can say that mechanically it is made up of nothing more than a series of levers and pulleys that create Eat Stop Eat the amazing feat we like to refer to as movement! My whole approach in obtaining optimal strength and fitness is to incorporate this movement into a form of resistance training to achieve supreme fitness and strength. Allow yourself a minute to learn and incorporate the following 2 lifts into your personal program. 

The Kettlebell Squat and Press: This is a really good combination lift for one to perform to work on core strength, stability, leg strength, and upper-body strength. For this particular lift I am referring to using a single kettlebell. This lift involves a lot of movement which further adds to the conditioning component of the exercise. To start, you will want to clean the bell to your chest. From here simply execute a form squat maintaining good balance and not compromising your form with the bell being loaded at the front of your body. Essentially you are performing a front squat with the bell. From here finish the squat and once your body is extended then press the bell and lock it out straight overhead! I would recommend starting with a moderately heavy bell relative to your strength. Execute 6 to 8 on each side.

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