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A telomere is at the end of every chromosome in your body, they really have no function except as a part of your DNA. But every time a cell divides the telomere become shorter and over time the cell can no longer divide because the telomere is to short. When this happens you have entered old age. When your cells can no longer divide it means each cell will die, leaving you with less cells as well as cells that do not divide as they should. This makes the telomere very important as it is the deciding factor when it comes to the life span of each cell, the longer the telomere the longer that cell will live. Dead cells give your body and skin an aged look before old age even hits. When you are looking to slow down the aging process you need to look in the direction of your DNA's telomeres, And try to extend the life of as many as you can. Helping your telomeres last longer or trying to revive them is a simple enough process if you know where to look. So plastic surgeons will offer procedures that will stimulate these cells and help them live longer, but as we know these procedures can be costly and invasive. There is also a telomere repair cream that can help you expand the life of your telomeres as well as repair damaged ones, this option is non-evasive and a lot less costly. A telomere repair cream is a great way to slow down telomere depletion because it is simple to do and will provide your skin with much needed hydration as well. A telomere repair cream should also contain anti-oxidants that will fight off free radicals in your body, which will cause health issues and an array of skin and body illnesses. An anti-oxidant will also protect your skin from the environmental toxins such as pollution or chemicals in the air.If you are concerned about the depletion of your telomere's or are hoping to keep old age at bay for a while longer, try a telomere repair skin cream and see if you get the results you are looking for, since these cells are so important to our body's we need to do all we can to keep them healthy and functioning well, If we can do this we should have healthy cells well into old age. 


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