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11 Day Diabetes Fix

The prevalence of overt, recognized, diagnosed diabetes has expanded world-wide into a true epidemic, and not all persons living with diabetes are formally diagnosed and under treatment for their condition. The prevalence of pre-diabetes is two-or-three fold higher. 

And, most persons with pre-diabetes do not know they have a clear metabolic condition that threatens them and that requires treatment and management. Personal health most probably will deteriorate with diabetes. And, personal health is highly likely to deteriorate in those persons with the clear prediabetes condition. Knowledgeable action is required by health care practitioners and the affected person.

Many people have poor habits that hinder their chances at healthy living. Poor diets are the norm, which is the reason why diseases like obesity and Type 2 diabetes are now ubiquitous. There are two main reasons why poor diets exist: overeating, and an unhealthy intake of carbohydrates. In this discussion, let's focus on the latter.


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