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If you've ever wondered why lots of business owners moonlight as speakers on webinars, it's because they understand that this approach can be used to their advantage. If you have never considered utilising webinars/teleseminars (as they are sometimes referred to) as a promotional tool to increase sales for your products or services then you may want to change your mind.

The thing with a large business is that it will continue to be large no matter what. It will have large monies to spend, whether on traditional marketing or digital marketing. But why are large businesses increasingly becoming skewed towards digital marketing? It is marketing after all, and the end result is the same - brand recognition among the target audiences. 

Well, the answer to that lies in the fact that while traditional marketing is all about reaching out to the audience alone, digital marketing is all about connecting with them on an emotional level. But what can small businesses learn from this. Let's examine and understand the 5 big benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing that could make a difference for small businesses as well.

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