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Binary options also known as all or nothing options, digital options or Fixed returns options is a known trading instrument wherein a person can earn or gain fixed return on an investment through trading. Trading is mainly based on most of the time, logic however since people decide on whether a price goes up or down, your chances are most of the time fifty fifty. Binary options allow you to choose from two options, either up or down.

When you say up, for instance the price of gasoline in the market; your anticipation is that the price of gasoline will go higher than what it is, if you choose down your anticipation is that the price will go down, most of this "predictions" can be set in to a time; meaning you can keep your option for an hour, a day or a month. If you are right on, you can earn sixty five to seventy percent of the amount of your investment in a "prediction" if the option you chose is wrong, then you can lose 85 percent or all of the amount you have invested and be refunded with 15 percent.

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