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Just Pay Attention and You'll Know Even those managers who do not like to conduct tests on each of their employees to find out their strengths and weaknesses, they may still find out the relevant information by paying careful attention to each of the employees. The book closes by telling you how to organize an entire workplace by focusing on the individual Awakened Millionaire Academy strengths of each worker and maximizing output in the workplace. The biggest task, for you, therefore is to find out which positions require which strengths and then placing the right people in right jobs. You need extremely good advance planning to achieve this, though once you implement the correct plan; the organization is likely to roll its way towards success. And many people are effective in some area of their life, but lousy at others. 


You can be rich but unhappy in love. You can be a great supervisor at work but a lousy father. You can be a terrific father but unhappy in your marriage and chronically in debt.However, I can have no argument with the first habit, Be Proactive. I don't think I would word it that way, but I agree with the principle.In fact, it's basic for a simple, logical reason. You can't be effective at anything if you're not trying to initiate anything. If you're just another cog in the machine of life you're not really starting anything, just playing your role.You can do exactly what the habit says -- guide them through a transition from what they understand now, to what you wish them to understand. If you start with your position, you'll create resistance.

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