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Vibrational Manifesation Review

I offered to come in and do the inspection for her thinking that it would not take very long. We had been to her house and done the work for her exactly one year ago and it was due again. Mrs Smith and I went to her kitchen table to write up the work order. My habit is to learn a bit about my customers and I asked her a few questions. I told her that I was a published author and her face lit up immediately with astonishment. She replied that she was an author and had just finished her first book. She told me that she didn't know what to do now that it was finished.My mind started wondering for a second as I asked myself why am I here and what a coincidence that I had all the information that she needed, when she needed it? I gave her the information and we talked for awhile. I left with the sale that I needed and Mrs. Smith had the information that she needed.

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