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Unfortunately, this is only one example of the FDA for hire. The FDA acts as a police-force bully gatekeeper for the profits of the industries it is supposed to be regulating. Management at the FDA is in a revolving door with the companies it regulates. This continues to this day. For example, the Obama Administration has placed in charge of food safety at the FDA the Monsanto lawyer/lobbyist in charge of the promotion of toxic GMO food - a disastrous adulteration of our food supply. The FDA feels it is above any law. 

It actively seeks to suppress health information from the public as well as to stamp out of existence any competitor to its approved monopoly of toxic and profitable products concocted by Big Pharma and Big Agribusiness. Currently the FDA begs for more money to protect us from food poisoning. They actually want the money to do further research on their pie-in-the-sky wonder technologies as they actively move towards becoming a partner in drug development and putting a health chip in everyone's arm. 

True food safety is a horrendous inconvenience for the FDA. But they have been practicing for a long time the principle of never letting a good crisis go to waste. In fact, it often appears that their management can't wait for the next drug or food crisis to hit them in the face so as to plead for more money - and believe me their gross negligence has far more than 20 major crisis bubbles ready to burst.

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