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If you earn enough on the side, you won't ever have to touch your 15th and 30th paycheck. Just leave them in your payroll bank to earn interest and build up your savings for a long holiday vacation to the Mediterranean within the next few months, and every year thereafter to other exotic places on earth. Quick Cash Method Review Moonlighting has often been resorted to by family members who can't earn enough from their day jobs to make ends meet. But thanks to the Internet, how to make money on the side while keeping your day job can be fun, easy, and lucrative right in the privacy and comfort of your home or office.

Freelance Writing Be an article or academic writer online. With several clients who need articles in content marketing to search-optimize commercial websites, you can be a member of service bureaus that provide SEO content. If you have been writing quality reports in your day job, it shouldn't be difficult extending this skill in online article writing. And if you can still recall how you went though writing your term papers, thesis and dissertations back in high school and college, there are countless foreign students from Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe who take higher education in the West but couldn't write well. 

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