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I've been watching some online talks given by Jane McGonigal, a gamer from California. A gamer, for those of you who don't know, is someone who develops online games. McGonigal specializes in those that create alternate realities. McGonigal described a game she developed while recovering from a poorly mended concussion. She had been ordered to follow an austere regime of bed rest - for three months she was not allowed to read, play games, or do anything requiring concentration. By day 34, she had become suicidal.

Many people will tell you that they don't eat healthy because it is expensive, but I disagree, I believe that you can eat healthy on a budget. With preparation and planning healthy food can be just as inexpensive as food that is unhealthy. Many families have moved away from cooking at home and packing left overs to take with them, which is one reason why they believe healthy food is more expensive.

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