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The 3 Week Diet 

Some of the best advice that I know to give you is this, slow your life down, you don't have to live 90 to nothing. It will get you no where fast! Living a fast pace life you will eventually hit a speed bump that will roll you over and over until you don't know where you are. The bad thing is that you may or may not be able to recoup from your little roll. Believe it or not your health is a fragile thing and it doesn't take a whole lot to break it. While you still have it in one piece take pride in yourself and think for a moment, is your job more important than you health/life? 

Slow down and smell the roses every once in awhile, you will get to where you will enjoy having a quite time with nature around you and the big blue sky above you. When you get on up in years you can look back and remember these days and how it brought such peace to you. It still can. This never gets too old. Just remember to take care of your body and your body will wind up taking care of you. Believe me you will appreciate having a healthy body when you get older. Don't take it for granted!   

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